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Abstract #1688

A New R2/R1 Ratiometric Method to Measure PH with a Dendrimer-Based PH-Responsive MRI Contrast Agent

Meser M. Ali1, Parvez Ismail Bhuiyan1, Hassan Bagher-Ebadian2,3, Branislava Janic1, Robert a knight2,3, James R. Ewing2,3, Ali Syed Arbab1

1Radiology, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI, United States; 2Neurology, Henry Ford Hospital; 3Physics, Oakland University

We have recently developed a new pH-responsive dendrimer-based MRI contrast agent with excellent improvements in both overall sensitivity and responsiveness of relaxivities to pH. Therefore, the R2/R1 ratio of this dendritic MR agent has been used to measure pH and the ratio (r2/r1) showed pH-response. This pH measurement is independent of the absolute concentration of the agent so that a single MRI agent can measure pH without requiring a second MRI to account for pharmacokinetics.