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Abstract #1727

Large Aperture Transducer Designed for MR-HIFU Treatment of Breast Tumors

Charles Mougenot1, Max Khler2, Matti Tillander2, Chrit Moonen3, Wilbert Bartels4, Gsta Ehnholm2

1Philips Healthcare, Suresnes, France; 2Philips Healthcare, Vantaa, Finland; 3IMF, CNRS / Univ. Bordeaux 2, Bordeaux, France; 4University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

A novel large aperture transducer design is proposed for MR-HIFU treatment of breast tumors. The phased array is composed of 384 elements placed on a circular structure with a lateral beam direction. This beam path orientation considerably reduces the risk of damaging nearby vital organs. In addition, this transducer shape induces a well delineated sharp focal point with low energy density in the near and far field for safe, accurate and efficient treatment. The performance of the transducer is demonstrated with acoustic field measurements and temperature maps of a phantom sonication.