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Abstract #1736

Full Coverage 3D Temperature Mapping for Transcranial MRgHIFU Applications

Nick Todd1, Henrik Odeen1, Allison Payne1, Laurent Marsac2, Dorian Chauvet3, Mathieu Pernot4, Anne-Laure Boch3, Jean-Francois Aubry4, Mickael Tanter4, Dennis L. Parker1

1University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, United States; 2SuperSonic Imagine, Aix en Provence, France; 3Dpartement de Neurochirurgie, Hpital Piti Salptrire, Paris, France; 4Institut Langevin, ESPCI ParisTech, France

New techniques for focusing ultrasound through the skull have made non-invasive heating in the brain possible, paving the way to clinical applications such as tumor ablation and targeted drug delivery via blood-brain barrier opening. However, high bone absorption can lead to undesirable heating outside of the focus and severe consequences if not properly monitored. To realize 3D MR thermometry over the entire volume of interest, we have developed an approach that combines a modified 3-D segmented EPI sequence with data undersampling and a constrained reconstruction method to provide temperature maps with good spatial resolution, large volume coverage, and high temporal resolution.