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Abstract #1791

Methods for the Quantitative Assessment of Image Artifacts Caused by Implantable Devices

Benjamin Anthony Coppola1, Ramez Emile Necola Shehada1, Peter Nabil Costandi1, Kevin Jurkowski1, Ali Dianaty1

1Cardiac Rhythm Management Division, St Jude Medical, Sylmar, CA, United States

Susceptibility artifacts due to metallic implants may affect the interpretability of an anatomical image. Such artifacts may be quantified using ASTM standard F2119-07. A new method is proposed using image correlation that addresses voids in the image as well as geometric distortion. To test this method, a pacemaker was imaged with gradient echo and spin echo sequences in a variety of orientations. The results show that a threshold correlation coefficient of 0.7 conservatively outlines the region comprised of void/distortion. This definition of the image artifact area facilitates improved clinical interpretation with reduced risk of false diagnosis.