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Abstract #1798

Daily Longitudinal Quality Assessment in MRI: From Short-Term Fluctuations to Long-Term Stability

Peter Brunecker1, Claudia Kunze1, Anja Grebe1, Chao Xu1, Ivana Galinovic1, Jochen B. Fiebach1

1Center for Stroke Research Berlin (CSB), Charit, Berlin, Germany

Monitoring of long-term alterations in MRI scanner parameters is essential for observational studies extending over several years. However, during this time intentional adjustments of the scanner hardware can actively introduce changes on a mid-term scale. To investigate this, daily phantom measurements were performed over a time period of 20 months and mean signal magnitude, signal-to-noise ratio, and uniformity were estimated. We found that sudden alterations of the absolute signal magnitude in our data were triggered by technical maintenance. We suggest that using a correction based on the stepwise constant behavior of scanner hardware parameters in time could prevent such alterations.