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Abstract #1830

Permanent Magnet Assembly Producing a Strong Tilted Homogeneous Magnetic Field: Towards Magic Angle Field Spinning NMR & MRI

Dimitrios Sakellariou1, Cedric Hugon1, Angelo Guiga1, Aubert Guy1, Sandrine Cazaux1, Philippe Hardy1

1CEA Saclay, Gif sur Yvette, Essonne, France

We introduce a cylindrical permanent magnet design that generates a homogeneous and strong magnetic field having an arbitrary inclination with respect to the axis of the cylinder. The analytical theory of 3 D magnetostatics has been applied to this problem, and a hybrid magnet structure has been designed. This structure contains two magnets producing a longitudinal and transverse component for the magnetic field, whose amplitudes and homogeneities can be fully controlled by design. A simple prototype has been constructed using inexpensive small cube magnets, and its magnetic field has been mapped using Hall and NMR probe sensors. This magnet can, in principle, be used for magic angle field spinning NMR and MRI experiments allowing for metabolic chemical shift profiling in small living animals.