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Abstract #1833

A Field Offset Coil for Spatially Localised In Vivo Field-Cycling Relaxometry

Kerrin James Pine1, Fred Goldie2, David John Lurie1

1Aberdeen Biomedical Imaging Centre, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom; 2Tesla Engineering Ltd, Storrington, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Relaxometric properties of tissue vary greatly depending on the field strength at which they are measured. This is endogenous information not available from conventional imagers with fixed magnetic field strengths. One appealing approach is the "insert coil": a compact, portable addition to a conventional imager which can offset the main magnetic field B0 over a volume of interest. We describe the parameters of such a coil and its integration with a body-sized system. The coil is used in conjunction with a volume-localised inversion-recovery pulse sequence to plot T1 dispersion in a human volunteers fingers over a range of field strengths.