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Abstract #1855

Tunable Adjustable Inductive Decoupling (TAID) Board

Victor Taracila1, Aleksey Zemskov1, Miguel A. Navarro1, Vijayanand Alagappan1, Fraser Robb1

1GE Healthcare, Aurora, OH, United States

One of the subsets of inductive decoupling is the so-called transformer decoupling, which in fact represents a remote inductive decoupling. It is used when overlapping between elements is not desired due to possible sensitivity overlap that affects the g-factor in accelerated imaging. The traditional transformer used in MRI coils is built out of inter-woven or adjacent inductors sharing a common axis. One of the disadvantages of this type of transformer is the difficulty of adjustment of the coupling, dimensions and possible inductive coupling to other inductors in the MRI system. In this work we propose a transformer based on RF Invisible inductors shape with adjustable inductive coupling strength and no self-inductance, which is very handy for MRI coil design and applications.