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Abstract #1879

Remote Detection by MRI at 3T using a Waveguide

Fabian Vazquez1, Rodrigo Martin1, Sergio E. Solis2, Alfredo O. Rodriguez1

1UAM Iztapalapa, DF, Mexico, Mexico; 2Laboratorio de Neurofisiologia Integrativa, Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatria Ramon de la Fuente, DF, Mexico, Mexico

The generation of magnetic resonance images with waveguides has been successfully demonstrated at 7 Tesla for whole-body systems. We have previously shown that the waveguide approach can also be used with magnetic field intensities lower than 7T and whole-body systems using a parallel-plate waveguide. The aim of this paper is to investigate the variation of the image intensity as a function of the separation between a coil and a phantom using a parallel-plate waveguide for MRI at 3T. In this work, a waveguide composed of only tow parallel plates was used and phantom images were acquired at different separations.