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Abstract #1899

A 1H-31P Array Coil for Human Brain Spectroscopy at 3T

Wolfgang Driesel1, Andr Pampel1, Christian Labadie1, Toralf Mildner1, Harald E. Moeller1

1Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive & Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany

Previously, a modular approach has been suggested for designing large arrays. It is based on a stacked combination of loop coils and microstrip transmission-line (MTL) elements, which are intrinsically orthogonal. In this work, this concept was adopted to build a helmet-shaped, dual-tuned array coil for human brain 31P spectroscopy and 1H decoupling and imaging at 3 T. The 1H channel is based on a pure MTL design with four spokes. On each spoke, a loop coil was added to permit 31P transmission/reception (Tx/Rx). Initial results from investigations of the performance for 31P MRSI including phantom studies are presented.