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Abstract #1908

Numerical Study of the Waveguide Magnetic Field via the Principal Mode for MRI at 3T

Fabian Vazquez1, Rodrigo Martin1, David Flores1, Sergio Solis2, Alfredo O. Rodriguez1

1UAM Iztapalapa, DF, Mexico, Mexico; 2Laboratorio de Neurofisiologia Integrativa, Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatria Ramon de la Fuente, DF, Mexico, Mexico

Waveguides have been successfully used to generate magnetic resonance images at 7 Tesla for whole-body systems. We have shown that the waveguide approach can be used at 3T and whole-body systems. A parallel-plate waveguide was used to numerically simulate the fundamental mode (TM0) describing uniform magnetic fields tangent to the copper plates. The TM0 mode can propagate at any frequency and there are no variations of the fields inside the waveguide. Numerical simulations of the magnetic field generated by a parallel plate waveguide were computed at 3T via the propagation of the principal mode and results compared with experimental data.