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Abstract #1922

Robustness of Diffusion Scalar Metrics When Estimated with Generalized Q-Sampling Imaging Acquisition Schemes

Marta Morgado Correia1, Guy B. Williams2, Frank Yeh3, Ian Nimmo-Smith1, Eleftherios Garyfallidis1

1MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge, United Kingdom; 2Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre, Cambridge, United Kingdom; 3Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh , United States

Generalized Q-Sampling Imaging (GQI) has recently been introduced by Yeh and colleagues and was shown to have comparable accuracy to other well established q-space methods when it comes to resolving crossing fibres. In this study we compared the estimated values of MD, FA and Quantitative Anisotropy (QA) obtained with grid and shell GQI sampling schemes, in terms of their precision and ability to differentiate between different brain fibre populations. Our results suggest that a grid sampling scheme produces more robust results than a single shell acquisition.