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Abstract #1996

A Monte Carlo Study of the Effects of Cell Membrane Permeability on DWI-MRI Contrast with Oscillating Diffusion Gradients

Blake Walters1, Greg Duane, Jae Kim

1Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

This study describes the effects of nuclear and cell membrane permeability on contrast between healthy and malignant cells in diffusion-weighted MRI with oscillating diffusion gradients. The study uses a Monte Carlo simulation of diffusion in a model cell geometry, a powerful method for determining the effects of cell characteristics on the diffusion-weighted signal given the lack of available analytical models. Results show that nuclear membrane permeability plays an important role in contrast, while cell wall permeability has minimal effect. The results have important implications for the ability of DWI-MRI to detect cancer based on intracellular characteristics.