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Abstract #2078

Susceptibility Weighted Imaging (SWI) of Cerebral Physiology of Non-Human Primate During Carbogen Inhalation

Asamoah Bosomtwi1, Swati Rane2, Quan Jiang3, Leonard L. Howell1

1Yerkes Primate Center, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, United States; 2Vanderbilt University; 3Neurology, Henry Ford Hospital

We investigated the effect of carbogen inhalation on cerebrovascular reactivity and blood oxygenation on healthy non-human primates. We demonstrate that during the inhalation of carbogen the venous architecture slightly attenuated and then recover few minutes after pure oxygen is restore. Our data demonstrate that these SWI measurements can be used to visualize modulation of CO2 during respiratory challenge cases.