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Abstract #2167

Contrast Assessment of Synthetic Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Clinical Practice

I. Blystad1,2, J. B. M. Warntjes2,3, T. Helmersson2, P. Lundberg4,5

1Department of Medical & Health Sciences, Radiology, Linkping, Sweden; 2Center for Medical Image Science & Visualization, Linkping, Sweden; 3Division of Clinical Physiology, Linkping, Sweden; 4Dept of Radiation Physics & Dept of Radiology, IMH, University of Linkoping, Linkping, Sweden; 5Dept of Radiation Physics & Dept of Radiology, CKOC, University Hospital of Linkoping, Linkping, Sweden

Synthetic Magnetic Resonance Imaging is based on a single MR quantification scan after which a whole range of conventional images can be recreated. The approach may reduce the MR examination time considerably, provided the diagnostic quality is preserved. An MR quantification scan was added to the standard protocol for 22 patients. The contrast and contrast to noise ratio of conventional T1W, T2W and FLAIR images was correlated with the corresponding synthetic images where the total scan time of the synthetic images was 40% of that of the conventional images.