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Abstract #2175

Estimation of Total Myelin Volume in the Brain

J. B. M. Warntjes1,2, J. West1,3, O. Dahlqvist-Leinhard1,3, G. Helms4, A.-M. Landtblom5, P. Lundberg6,7

1Linkping University, Center for Medical Image Science & Visualization, Linkping, Sweden; 2Department of Medicine & Health, division of clinical physiology, Linkping, Sweden; 3Department of Medicine & Health, Division of Radiation Physics, Linkping, Sweden; 4University Medical Center, MR-Research in Neurology & Psychiatry, Gttingen, Germany; 5Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Linkping, Sweden; 6Linkping University, Dept of Radiation Physics & Dept of Radiology, IMH, University of Linkoping, Linkping, Sweden; 7University Hospital of Linkping, Dept of Radiation Physics & Dept of Radiology, CKOC, University Hospital of Linkoping, Linkping, Sweden

A model is presented where myelin partial volume is estimated using quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging in conjunction with a brain tissue model. Summation of all myelin partial volumes results in the estimation of the total myelin volume in the brain. Repeated measurements of myelin volume show an accuracy of 4.1 mL (2.2%). A pilot study indicated that MS patients may have an increased myelin volume in spite of the visible lesions with local myelin destruction.