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Abstract #2227

Early Anatomical & Microstructural Changes Induced in Rat Brain by Vitamin a Deprivation: A Longitudinal MRI Study

Bassem Hiba1, Bader Chaarani1, M. C. Beauvieux1, G. Rafard1, Michle Allard2, Alan Stephant1, Jean Michel Franconi1, Jean Louis Gallis1

1UMR 5536 RMSB, CNRS-UB2, Bordeaux, France; 2UMR 5231, CNRS-UB2, Bordeaux, France

The aim of this work is to follow-up the earliest brain changes from the onset of vitamin A deprivation (VAD) in a rat model of brain degenerative process, using diffusion tensor imaging and anatomical MRI. 4 rats with VAD and 4 control rats were followed once a week along the first 6 weeks of VAD.