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Abstract #2271

Molecular Imaging of Inflammation in a Cerebrovascular Aneurysm Model.

Alexei A. Bogdanov1, Matthew J. Gounis, Ronn Walvick, Ajay K. Wakhloo

1Radiology, UMASS Medical School, Worcester, MA, United States

We investigated the use of myeloperoxidase-specific paramagnetic substrate for imaging local inflammation created in the vascular wall of a model aneurysm. We used in situ incubation of LPS solution via temporal acclusion of aneurysm with a balloon catheter followed by MRI imaging prior and post IV injection of MPO substrate. The comparison of normalized changes of MR SI ratios suggested that a realistic animal model of cerebrovascular aneurysm enables testing of inflammation-modulated factors of aneurysmal instability that potentially leads to a rupture in human patients.