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Abstract #2379

Wanted Dead or Alive? The Tradeoff between In-Vivo Versus Ex-Vivo MR Brain Imaging in the Mouse.

Jason Philipp Lerch1, Jurgen Germann1, John G. Sled1, R. Mark Henkelman1, Brian J. Nieman1

1Mouse Imaging Centre, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Brain morphology in the mouse is a sensitive indicator of disease, treatment, and environmental effects on the brain. It is unclear, however, when to select an in-vivo longitudinal or an ex-vivo cross-sectional study design. Using multiple simulations based on existing data and assuming a linear change, we determined that 3-5 timepoints per subject in-vivo MRI equates to a single high-resolution ex-vivo experiment. The key for in-vivo imaging is to keep the within-subject variance low.