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Abstract #2420

T1, T2 & ADC as Imaging Biomarkers for Tumor Treatment Response in Brain Tumors

Patrik Brynolfsson1, Thomas Asklund2, Anders Garpebring1, Tufve Nyholm2

1Ume University, Ume, Sweden; 2Department of Oncology, Norrland University Hospital, Ume, Sweden

Thirteen patients with a total of 18 brain tumors undergoing first or second line treatment were examined before, during and after treatment using quantitative MRI measuring T1, T2 and ADC. Two weeks after treatment start a significant decrease in ADC and T1 was observed in patients with tumor progression. Six weeks after treatment start a significant change associated with treatment response could be seen in all parameters. There seemed to be a difference between first line and second line treatment; however more data is needed to investigate that relationship further.