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Abstract #2495

T2 Layering Pattern Changes in Primary Motor Cortex in the First Two Years of Life: A Study on Normal Children.

Andrea Righini1, Andreana Ardemagni1, Thomas J. Re1, Cecilia Parazzini1, Chiara Doneda1, Filippo Arrigoni1, Fabio Triulzi1

1Radiology, Children's Hospital V. Buzzi, Milan, Italy

Very scarce imaging data are available on the cortical rim layering pattern over the first two years of life. We collected normative data on cortical ribbon appearance of maturing primary motor cortex analysing the signal profile of high spatial resolution T2-weighted images. Four patterns of cortical signal profile were detected by visual evaluation, which were confirmed by signal intensity plots; intracortical train track like pattern appeared to be the dominant (longer lasting) during first two years of life.