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Abstract #2548

A GPU Implementation of Compressed Sensing Reconstruction of 3D Radial (Kooshball) Acquisition for High-Resolution Cardiac MRI

Seunghoon Nam1,2, Tamer Ahmed Basha2, Mehmet Akakaya2, Christian Stehning3, Warren J. Manning2, Vahid Tarokh1, Reza Nezafat2

1SEAS, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, United States; 2Dept. of Medicine (Cardiovascular Division), Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, United States; 3Philips Research, Hamburg, Germany

Three dimensional radial (kooshball) trajectory allows high isotropic spatial resolution, better depiction of cardiac anatomy and ease of image prescription in whole heart cardiac MRI. While kooshball trajectory can provide significant reduction in acquisition time compared with 3D Cartesian sampling trajectories, its application has been limited due to high computational burden associated with the reconstruction process. In this abstract, we implement and evaluate an iterative compressed sensing reconstruction method for kooshball trajectory on Graphics Processing Units (GPU). The GPU implementation shows 58 faster reconstruction time compared with a sequential C++ implementation.