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Abstract #2566

Novel MRI Sequence on 3T Accurately Depicts the Osseous Segments of Cranial Nerves VII-VIII: A Pilot Study

Rivka R. Colen1, Jr Yuan Chiou1, Yi Tang1, Thomas Lee1, Ferenc A. Jolesz1

1Radiology, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Boston, MA, United States

This novel 3D FSE Cube sequence incorporated with FLAIR and fat saturation for imaging of cranial nerves results in more accurate depiction and visualization of the osseous petrous portions of cranial nerves VII-VIII compared with conventional 3D CISS sequences. The ability to see these segments on a FLAIR sequences allows for not only clearer depiction and course but more importantly detection of subtle pathology which until now has been based on detection of changes in size on CT; thus, this sequence will allow for detection of changes in signal intensity affording earlier detection of pathological involvement previously unable to identify.