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Abstract #2622

Simultaneous ing of Fat & Viable Myocardium in Delayed Enhancement Imaging - a New Approach to Fat Suppression at 1.5 & 3 Tesla Employing Multiple SPAIR Pulses

Wolfgang Gerhard Rehwald1, Elizabeth R. Jenista2, Denise L. Morell2, Nayla Chaptini2, Deneen M. Spatz2, Enn-Ling Chen2, Raymond J. Kim2

1Cardiovascular MR R&D, Siemens Healthcare, Chicago, Ilinois, United States; 2Duke Cardiovascular MR Center, Duke University Medical School, Durham, NC, United States

In delayed enhancement imaging (DE), fat is commonly suppressed by fat-selective saturation before readout. This is suboptimal due to its short T1. In turbo-spin echo, fat is well suppressed with the SPAIR pulse, making its combination with DE imaging desirable. Due to the inversion recovery pulse (NSIR) and TI of about 350ms, adding a SPAIR pulse with TIfat is insufficient, because fat has not fully recovered from the IR. The effective TIfat may be so short that fat ing is impossible. We developed a combination of NSIR and two SPAIR pulses to fat in DE without above limitations.