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Abstract #2673

Validation of DC Self-Navigation for Breath-Hold Period Identification in Contrast-Enhanced 3D Radial Liver Perfusion Imaging

Debra E. Horng1,2, Ethan K. Brodsky1,2, Scott B. Reeder1,2

1Radiology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, United States; 2Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, United States

Quantitative perfusion imaging of liver tumors requires acquisitions that occur over alternating periods of breathing and breath-holding. Knowledge of the time range when the liver is not moving is necessary for accurate perfusion modeling. In this work, we describe the use of DC phase and DC magnitude signal measured every TR from a 3D-radial contrast enhanced acquisition to identify breath-holding periods. Results demonstrate excellent agreement with respiratory bellows, which were used as the reference standard.