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Abstract #2692

Single-Scan T2* Measurements with Alternating Compensation Gradients for Linear Background Gradients

Yoonho Nam1, Hahnsung Kim1, Dong-Hyun Kim1

1Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, Republic of

Accurate measurement of T2* values, excluding the effects of macroscopic field inhomogeneity, is required in many applications. Macroscopic field inhomogeneity induces additional signal decay and leads to underestimated T2* values. Using compensation gradients in slice-selection direction, so called z-shim method, is an effective technique to restore additional signal loss due to macroscopic field inhomogeneity. Therefore, T2* measurements by using these compensation gradients raise the accuracy of T2* values. However, it requires additional scan time for different compensation gradients. In this study, we propose a post-processing technique with alternating compensation gradients in a single scan for accurate T2* measurement.