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Abstract #2748

Optimization Strategies for Relaxation Based Myelin Water Imaging: 2. Postprocessing & Signal Correction Techniques

Burkhard Mdler1, Volker A. Coenen1

1Dep. of Neurosurgery, Div. of Stereotaxy & MR-based OR-Techniques, University Bonn, Bonn, Germany

We show the validity and usefulness of three retrospective correction techniques for multi-spin echo myelin water imaging (MWI) that do not generally require additional data acquisition: a dynamic T2- integration window method for the reliable and robust assessment of the myelin peak, an algorithm to successfully correct for stimulated echo artifacts in the T2-echo decay curve and a complex real-data rephasing approach to eliminate baseline offsets due to non-Gaussian noise in the decay curve. They lead to substantially better estimations of quantitative myelin fraction values even under the presence of large B1-inhomogeneities and variations in physiological noise of the data.