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Abstract #2763

Region Based Joint Bi-Exponential T2 Fitting for Small Lesions

Chuan Huang1, Christian G. Graff2, Eric W. Clarkson3,4, Ali Bilgin5,6, Maria I. Altbach3

1Mathematics, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, United States; 2Division of Imaging & Applied Mathematics, Food & Drug Administration; 3Radiology, University of Arizona; 4Optical Sciences, University of Arizona; 5Biomedical Engineering, University of Arizona; 6Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Arizona

T2 estimation has proven to be a valuable quantitative tool for assessing a variety of pathologies. It plays a particularly important role in lesion classification. Partial volume is generally a factor in lesion T2 estimation, particularly for lesions with diameters smaller than 15 mm. In order to obtain accurate T2 estimates for lesions with partial volume, bi-exponential fitting is required. However, bi-exponential model fitting suffers from large uncertainty of the fitting parameters when noise is present.