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Abstract #2816

Simple Method for Adaptive Gradient-Delay Compensation in Radial MRI

Kai Tobias Block1, Martin Uecker2

1MR Application & Workflow Development, Healthcare Sector, Siemens AG, Erlangen, Germany; 2Biomedizinische NMR Forschungs GmbH, Gttingen, Germany

This work describes a novel approach for the correction of system-dependent gradient delays, which pose a major problem for radial sampling in routine applications. The method performs a cross-correlation analysis of anti-parallel calibration spokes to assess the angle-dependent k-space shift introduced by the delay. The delay is compensated during the gridding procedure by realigning the data according to the estimated shift distance. The method has been implemented for a radial 2D and 3D sequence. It has been evaluated on a large number of commercial MR systems and proved to deliver consistent image quality at a wide range of acquisition bandwidths.