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Abstract #2819

Complementary Use of SPAIR & STIR for Robust Fat Suppression in Single-Slab 3D TSE

Guobin Li1, Wei Jun Zhang1, Dominik Paul2, Lars Lauer2

1Siemens Mindit Magnetic Resonance Ltd., Shenzhen, Guang Dong, China, People's Republic of; 2Siemens Healthcare Sector, Erlangen

SPAIR fat suppression technique preserves the contrast, but is sensitive to B0 inhomogeneity. Compared to SPAIR, STIR is a robust fat suppression method, but the image contrast will be affected by the inversion recovry procedure. In this work, a new concept is presented, to Complementarily Use SPAIR in the homogeneous regions and short T1 selected inversion Recovery in the inhomogeneous regions for uniform fat suppression in a single acquisition in SPACE, to preserve good contrast in the main region of the FOV and achieve uniform fat suppression in whole FOV.