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Abstract #2827

Simultaneous T1 & T2 Quantification using Non-Continuous Balanced SSFP Look-Locker Imaging

Glenn S. Slavin1

1Global Applied Science Laboratory, GE Healthcare, Bethesda, MD, United States

Look-Locker imaging using non-continuous (single-phase) balanced SSFP has been proposed for cardiac T1 mapping. Because data acquisition perturbs the magnetization during relaxation, correction methods are required to calculate the true T1 from the apparent T1 (T1*). Since a correction method specific for this approach has not been reported, current T1 estimation techniques can exhibit inconsistent results. This work presents an analytical correction method, derived specifically for non-continuous bSSFP, whereby the true T1 and T2 may be quantified accurately and simultaneously from Look-Locker acquisitions. T1/T2 calculated using this method demonstrated excellent agreement with actual T1/T2 of phantoms and skeletal muscle.