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Abstract #2849

Compressed Sensing CPMG with Group-Sparse Reconstruction for Myelin Water Imaging

Henry Szu-Meng Chen1, Angshul Majumdar2, Rabab Kreidieh Ward2, Piotr Kozlowski1,3

1UBC MRI Research Centre, Vancouver, BC, Canada; 2Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada; 3ICORD, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Myelin water imaging based on multi-echo CPMG sequence is inherently slow, especially for high resolution in vivo animal studies. We hypothesize that using compressed sensing with group-sparse reconstruction will significantly increase the acquisition efficiency of myelin water images. CS accelerated myelin water fraction (MWF) maps were simulated using fully sampled k-space data acquired from excised rat spinal cords at 7T. MWF map quality was assessed and found to be minimally impacted up to an acceleration factor of 2, making the technique a promising approach at increasing acquisition efficiency in myelin water mapping.