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Abstract #2937

Tag MRI of the Liver as a New Method to Differentiate Normal vs. Cirrhotic Livers

Lorenzo Mannelli1, Orpheus Kolokythas1, Theodore Jay Dubinsky1, Martin Gunn1, Christopher A. Potter1, Jeffrey H. Maki1

1Radiology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, United States

This study evaluates the possibility to differentiate in cirrhotic from healthy livers using tagMRI. TagMRI studies tissues strain, and is routinely used in cardiac imaging to evaluate myocardial motion through its strain. In this study we use the heart beating as source of liver deformation to evaluate liver strain. In cirrhotic patients liver stiffness increases and increments in stiffness induce decrements in tissue deformability; these differences can be quantified by strain. Our data demonstrate that our hypothesis is correct.