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Abstract #2955

Quantitative BOLD Response of the Renal Medulla to Hyperoxic Challenge at 1.5T & 3.0T

Olivio Donati1, Daniel Nanz1, Andreas Serra2, Andreas Boss1

1Radiology, University Hospital of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland; 2Nephrology, University Hospital of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

Renal oxygenation may be assessed by Blood Oxygenation Level Dependent imaging (BOLD). The renal medulla is an area of constant hypoxia, and, therefore, prone to hypoxic injury. We present a technique of BOLD MRI, which measures changes of renal medullary oxygenation caused by oxygen or carbogen breathing. The induced change in tissue T2* relaxation is a measure of the renal medullary hypoxia. The proposed method may be interesting for further clinical studies in patients with kidney diseases.