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Abstract #2985

The Effect of Fat Suppression on ADC Values in Murine Liver with Variable Degrees of Fibrosis

Stephan William Anderson1, Jorge A. Soto1, Elizabeth Tang1, Hernan Jara1

1Radiology, Boston University Medical Center, Boston, MA, United States

Purpose: The determine if fat suppression(FS) pulses influence ADC values and whether effects vary based on degrees of fibrosis in murine liver. Methods: 3,5-dicarbethoxy-1,4-dihydrocollidine was utilized to induce hepatic fibrosis. Liver specimens were imaged using 11.7T MRI; ADC values with and without fat suppression were compared and differences correlated with hepatic fibrosis. Results: Slight differences in ADC values derived with FS were seen; poor correlation was seen between differences in ADC and degrees of fibrosis. Conclusion: The difference in ADC values with and without FS is not a confounding effect in deriving ADC values of the liver with variable fibrosis.