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Abstract #3116

A Comparison of DCE-MRI Pharmacokinetic Models in Human Breast Cancer

Xia Li1, Lori R. Arlinghaus1, E. Brian Welch1, A. Bapsi Chakravarthy1, Lei Xu1, Jaime Farley1, Ingrid Mayer1, Mark Kelley1, Ingrid Meszoely1, Julie Means-Powell1, Vandana Abramson1, Ana Grau1, Mia Levy1, John C. Gore1, Thomas E. Yankeelov1

1Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science, Nashville, TN, United States

By fitting the signal intensity time course of DCE-MRI to a proper pharmacokinetic model, physiological parameters related to vessel perfusion and permeability, or extravascular extracellular volume fraction can be extracted. However, the literature presents different results regarding the predictive value of quantitative DCE-MRI in breast cancer data. One possible reason is that the fast exchange limit model may not adequately describe the relevant physiology. Here we report the results of statistical tests on the analyses provided by the FXL with and without the plasma component, and the fast exchange regime model to assess which model is statistically preferred.