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Abstract #3130

Multiparametric Imaging for Therapy Response to Cytotoxic & Cytostatic Agents in Xenograft Mice

Natalie J. Serkova1, Erica L. Pierce2, Kendra M. Hasebroock1, Andrea L. Merz1, Todd M. Pitts2, Gail Eckhardt2

1Anesthesiology, University of Colorado Denver, Aurora, CO, United States; 2Medical Oncology, University of Colorado Denver

The goal of this study was to establish functional (DW-MRI) and metabolic (PET and MRS) imaging end-points for therapy response to classic cytotoxic and novel cytostatic agents. A mouse colorecral cancer model was chosen to evaluate therapy response to a novel IGF1R tyrosine kinase inhibitor (cytostatic) and to irinotecan (cytotoxic). Specific multiparametric imaging end-points for therapeutic responses to a novel cytostatic STI (include ecreased glucose and choline uptake by PET as well as decreased lactate and choline metabolism by MRS). In contrast, cytotoxic effects of a chemotherapeutic agent result in increased ADC by DW-MRI and increased phospholipid and nucleotide breakdown.