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Abstract #3133

Treatment Response Assessment of a Novel Vascular-Disrupting Agent on Rabbit Tumor Model using DCE-MRI

Kyung Won Kim1, Jeong Min Lee1, Ji Suk Park1, Yong Sik Jeon1, Joon Koo Han1, Byung Ihn Choi1

1Radiology, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, Korea, Republic of

CKD-516 is a vascular disrupting agent that disrupts the tubulin cytoskeleton of proliferating neo-endothelial cells. This leads to the selective destruction of pre-existing tumor blood vessels. In rabbit VX2 tumor model, the vascular shutdown effect of CKD-516 was evaluated using free-breathing radial DCE-MRI on 3T clinical machine. Our results showed that a single dose of CKD-516 significantly diminished tumor DCE-MRI parameters (K-trans and iAUC) until 36 hours post-treatment. Tumors with high initial Ktrans values, indicative of well-developed pre-existing vasculature, showed greater reduction of DCE-MRI parameters after CDK-516 treatment.