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Abstract #3179

Compression of the Knee Upon Weight Loading in Healthy & Osteoarthritis Subjects as Measured by MRI & X-Ray

Bradley T. Wyman1, Sebastian Cotofana2, Yanwei Zhang1, Richard B. Souza3, M-P. Hellio Le Graverand1, Xiaojuan Li3, Sharmila Majumdar3, Thomas M. Link3, Felix Eckstein2, Eric Vignon4

1Pfizer, Groton, CT, United States; 2Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg, Austria; 3University Califorinia, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, United States; 4Universite Claude Bernard, Lyon, France

MRI and x-rays were acquired of the knee in weight bearing and non weight bearing conditions in 31 subjects. Eleven had no radiographic osteoarthritis (OA), Kellgren and Lawrence grade (KLG) 0, and 10 subjects each with OA KLG 2, and 3. Joint space width (JSW) was measured from the x-ray and mean medial femoral tibial cartilage thickness (MFTC_ThCtAB) from MRI. The compression in JSW and mean MFTC_ThCtAB under load was not significantly different from zero in KLG 0 subjects but JSW and MFTC_ThCtAB were both greater and significantly different from zero in KLG 2 and 3 subjects.