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Abstract #3196

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Knee at 3 & 7 Tesla Comparison using Dedicated Multi-Channels Coils & Optimized 2D & 3D Protocols

Goetz Hannes Welsch1,2, Vladimir Juras1, Pavol Szomolanyi1, Tallal Charles Mamisch3, Peter Baer4, Claudia Kronnerwetter1, Friedrich Frank Hennig2, Hiroyuki Fujita5, Siegfried Trattnig1

1Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria; 2Department of Trauma Surgery, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Erlangen, Bavaria, Germany; 3University of Berne; 4Siemens Healthcare; 5Quality Electrodynamics

Aim of this study was to compare the quantitative and qualitative performance of a routine 8-channel knee coil at 3T and a new 28-channel knee coil at 7T. Compared to an optimized 3T protocol, at 7T, i)the resolution was increased whereas keeping the same examination time and ii)the examination time was reduced whereas keeping the spatial resolution the same.