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Abstract #3245

T2-Weighted-MRI & Dielectric Spectroscopy to Investigate Collagen Structure Behaviour During Cartilage Dehydration

Cesare E. M. Gruber1,2, Cesare Cametti1,3, Bruno Maraviglia1,4, Silvia Capuani1,2

1Physics, "Sapienza" University of Rome, Rome, Italy; 2CNR-IPCF UOS, Rome, Italy; 3CNR-CRS-SOFT, Rome, Italy; 4Santa Lucia Foundation, Neuroimaging Laboratory, Rome, Italy

Cartilage aging, associated to a reduction in water content, is one of the leading risk factor for the developing of osteoarthritis. Aim of this study was to investigate cartilage dehydration, by means of quantitative T2-weighted-MRI and radiowave dielectric-spectroscopy (DS) measurements as a function of dehydration time. Both techniques provided indirect information on the structural cartilage changes. In particular, DS provides the fraction of the broken hydrogen bounds between microfibrils, while T2 is most sensible to the fleeble interacting water with collagen network. Our experimental data can help to elucidate the ability of T2 maps to detect cartilage damage.