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Abstract #3296

Novel Real-Time PC-MRI Technique for Accurate Single Heartbeat Evaluation of Pulmonary-to-Systemic Flow Ratios using an Interleaved Two-Slice Acquisition Scheme

Hung-Yu Lin1,2, Scott B. King1, Yu Ding3, Davinder S. Jassal2, Patricia Gervai1, Eilean McKenzie-Matwiy1, Orlando P. Simonetti3, Boguslaw Tomanek1, Ganghong Tian1

1Institute for Biodiagnostics, National Research Council Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; 2Radiology, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; 3Internal Medicine, the Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, United States

This study is to develop and demonstrate a novel phase-contrast shared velocity encoding technique using an interleaved two-slice acquisition scheme for accurate single heartbeat evaluation of pulmonary-to-systemic flow ratio (Qp/Qs).