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Abstract #3312

CINE Turbo Spin Echo Imaging

Jason K. Mendes1, Dennis L. Parker1, Jordan P. Hulet1

1University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, United States

This work introduces a relatively simple method of converting a conventional TSE acquisition into a retrospectively ECG correlated cineTSE sequence. The cineTSE sequence generates a full sequence of ECG correlated images at each slice location throughout the cardiac cycle in the same scan time that is conventionally used by standard TSE sequences to produce a single image at each slice location. The cineTSE images exhibit reduced pulsatile artifacts associated with a gated sequence but without the increased scan time or associated non-constant TR effects. CineTSE can more accurately identify and allow for measurements of carotid artery plaque components by improving tissue visualization, allowing for identification and exclusion of artifacts and enhancing image quality.