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Abstract #3341

Optimization of Non-Contrast Enhanced Time-SLIP for Carotid Artery Imaging

William W. Orrison Jr. MD, MBA1,2, Erin J. Kelly, PhD3, Denise Moreau, RT3, Cayce J. Roach4,5, Eric H. Hanson MD, MPH4,5

1CHW Nevada Imaging Company, Las Vegas, NV, United States; 2Touro University Nevada, Henderson, NV , United States; 3Toshiba America Medical Systems, Tustin, CA; 4University of Nevada Las Vegas; 5Advanced Medical Imaging & Genetics (Amigenics)

Three-dimensional time-of-flight is now commonly used in routine magnetic resonance angiography studies of the neck, however there are limits to its temporal and spatial resolution, which contrast-enhanced protocols have addressed. The utility of Time-SLIP to produce bright blood 3D angiograms of the carotid arteries has been under investigation. However, the high flow speed of blood through the carotid arteries can contribute to poor image quality in combination with suboptimal tag placement and BBTI selection along with poor cardiac synchronization. This optimization study served as an initial feasibility study for non-contrast Time-SLIP angiography of the carotid arteries.