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Abstract #3352

Efficient Substitute for Inversion Preparation in TSE Angiography

Jason K. Mendes1, Dennis L. Parker1

1University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, United States

Turbo spin echo (TSE or FSE) is an important technique in the discrimination of atherosclerotic plaque components such as hemorrhage, disrupted fibrous cap, lipid/necrotic core, calcification and ulceration. To distinguish between stationary tissue and flowing blood, several techniques such as Double Inversion Recovery (DIR), Quadruple Inversion Recovery (QIR) or Motion-Sensitized Driven-Equilibrium (MDSE) have been proposed These suppression techniques involve various combinations of inversion pulses over a large volume outside the slice(s) of interest. This prevents efficient interleaving of multiple slices and results in a dramatic increase in total scan time. This work utilizes a novel dynamic TSE sequence (cineTSE) to provide analogous information to blood suppression techniques with no increase in scan time over a typical (non-inversion prepared) TSE protocol.