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Abstract #3367

A Preliminary Assessment of Diastolic Dysfunction with Normal Ejection Fraction with Cine MRI of the Atrioventricular Junction Motion

Sohae Chung1, Elodie Breton1, Leon Axel1

1Radiology Department, NYU Langone Medical Center, New York, NY, United States

While systolic cardiac function is commonly assessed with the simple global measure of ejection fraction, many patients with clinical symptoms of heart failure have normal ejection fraction, indicating that they are primarily suffering from diastolic dysfunction. In this study, the motion of the atrioventricular junction was measured by using the conventional cardiac cine MRI to assess abnormalities in motion of the LV during different phases of diastole. We performed a retrospective study of 11 patients and compared them with two control groups, 13 healthy young subjects and 5 healthy older subjects.