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Abstract #3406

Off-Pump Left Ventricular Apical to Descending Aortic Conduits in Adults with Aortic Stenosis: Postoperative Cardiodynamic Evaluation with Cardiac MRI

Stephanie Clement-Guinaudeau1, Adrian Lam2, Stuart N. Hurst1, Robert L. Eisner1, Muralidhar Padala1, Vinod H. Thourani1, John N. Oshinski1,2

1Emory University, Atlanta, GA, United States; 2Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, United States

Off-pump apico-aortic conduit (ACC) is an alternative to aortic valve replacement in patients with calcified aortic root. In 10 patients with ACC, hemodynamic data was collected using phase contrast magnetic resonance (PCMR) imaging. Conduit flow was 68,7+/-13,6% of total cardiac output and flow through the native aortic valve was 31,3+/13,6% of cardiac output. In the descending aorta there was 15,8+/-9,9% of cardiac output that flowed in a reverse upward direction from the conduit and 51,4+/-12,2% of cardiac output was directed caudally below the conduit. ACC surgery results in a change in hemodynamics that can be well studied using PCMR.