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Abstract #3446

Optimal Methodology for Glutamate & Glutamine Signal Quantification with Single Voxel MRS of the Human Brain

Jingjing Zhang1, Sulaiman Sheriff2, Andrew A. Maudsley2, Karl Goodkin3, Jeffry R. Alger1

1Neurology, University of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, United States; 2Radiology, University of Miami, Miami, FL, United States; 3Psychiatry & Behavioral Neurosciences, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, United States

In our efforts to investigate whether the TE 30 PRESS or the TE-averaged acquisition method is more advantageous in detecting glutamate and glutamine for our HIV-1 associated MCMD study, we have found that the TE-averaged acquisition provides a better Gln detection than the TE 30 PRESS method, but no significant differences were found in their abilities detecting Glu and NAA.