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Abstract #3464

Magnetic Resonance Microscopy of Human Brain Tumor Biopsies

Ana Gonzalez-Segura1, Miguel Cerda-Nicolas2, Concha Lopez-Gines2, Jose Manuel Gonzalez-Darder3, Jose Manuel Morales2, Daniel Monleon1

1Fundacion Investigacion HCUV, Valencia, Spain; 2Universidad de Valencia; 3Hospital Clinico Valencia

The aim of this study was the characterization by Magnetic Resonance Microscopy of specific morphological features of brain tumors. With this purpose, we performed MRM imaging and correlative histopathology in 30 biopsies from brain tumor patients. The correlation between MRM and histopathology images allows the determination of MRI parameters for critical microstructures of the tumor. The MRM analysis of meningioma and glioma biopsies revealed microstructural details of these tumors, which may add some information for clinical MRI images interpretation. We believe that our results have also potential pathobiological significance as MRM is capable of exploring the biopsy before processing it.