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Abstract #3570

Intrinsic Resting State Functional Connectivity of Default Mode Network Predicts Attention Task Performance

Pan Lin1, Nicola De Pisapia1, Jorge Jovicich1,2

1Center for Mind Brain Sciences,University of Trento, Mattarello, Trento, Italy; 2Department of Cognitive & Education Sciences,University of Trento, Rovereto, Trento, Italy

The default mode network (DMN) is an intrinsic brain system that participates in internal modes of cognition. Neural activity and connectivity within the default network , which are correlated with cognitive ability even at rest. However, what remain unclear is the key issue of whether the inter-region functional connectivity within DMN is related to task performance. Here, we hypothesized that the strength of the functional connectivity (FC) within DMN is an index of the degree of regulation of task performance during attention task state. We found that some inter-region FC within DMN showed the significant negative correlations to reaction time during attention task. These results would suggest the important role of the inter-region FC within DMN can predict attention task performance.